Span Tables and Software

Listed below are software packages available from FWPA and related industry groups that assist in designing timber structures.

BAL Bushfire Calculator V1 - This is an online (to facilitate updating) design tool that enables building designers, builders, regulators and home owners to determine the relevant Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) for a specific building site. 

TimberTech - Structural engineering software, specific for mid-rise timber construction in Australia, this software has the ability to:

  • model the building with a set of assumptions embedded into the computation routines (that are detailed into the design report), so the design process is particularly quick and safe
  • generate vertical and lateral loads that can be distributed based on the assumption of rigid diaphragm and flexible walls
  • use a broad material database for stud frames, massive timber and connections, with all the engineering properties for the products of the 5 companies that co-funded the research

TimberLife Educational Software Program - This leading edge, world first, multi-million dollar project has delivered an extensive range of the necessary tools that gives building and construction industry professionals the confidence to specify and detail timber in a wide range of applications, from sole plates to suspension bridges. The TimberLife Educational Software package provides a means of predicting timber's service life performance, with confidence, using predictive models including in-ground decay,
above-ground decay and marine borers.

Timber Solutions V2.2 – The latest release of this popular residential timber-framed design software has been updated to include the revised structural properties for MGP 10, 12 and 15 timber grades in line with the AS 1720.1 Timber Structures standard.  The software allows the user to generate AS 1684 type span tables, individual timber member designs, bracing as well as tie-down designs for non-cyclonic and cyclonic wind regions as provided for in the suite of AS 1684 Residential Timber-framed Construction standards.

Member designs can be generated for all timber grades available in AS 1684 with design input variables including; imposed loads (dead, live, wind), spacing, span (single, continuous) with printing of member reports and schedules.  There is also the ability to undertake a material costing for the design being undertaken.

AccuRate ECO2 Module: Carbon Calculator & Life Cycle Analysis Software - The new ECO2 module enables the CSIRO's AccuRate software to incorporate the embodied carbon of building components into an analysis of a structure.

Supplier Software

Carter Holt Harvey DesignIT Software - DesignIT is a software tool for all building practitioners to design houses and similar structures using Carter Holt Harvey's Engineered Wood Products range and other selected materials. The program is noted for its ease and speed making it quick and simple to use. DesignIT is useful for the selection of beam sizes making it suitable for all levels of engineering knowledge and experience of professional engineering judgement.

This company specific design software includes span tables for Hyne timber products as well as generating member sizes and grades according to load input.

Hyne Design Software - Hyne Design incorporates the complete new range of Hyne structural products combined with an extensive range of generic timber products. The software provides design solutions for a vast range of domestic construction applications which comply to the relevant Australian Standards. Hyne Design v6 provides design solutions in both single member and span table format and includes Hyne Assist. Hyne Assist includes comprehensive product information, detailed design information, important fixing and connection guidelines, technical and material safety datasheets, and easy-to-follow instructions for using Hyne Design.

Tilling Timber Design Program (Smart Frame) - Tilling offers a SmartFrame design package that incorporates SmartFrame Design and SmartJoist Details:

SmartFrame Design - this software is an easy to understand and use full engineering analysis routine, and structured in a way that any user familiar with the use of span tables can easily calculate required performance criteria. It is widely reported that this software package offers a high level of sophistication in combination with ease of use.

SmartJoist Details - relevant construction details from an interactive graphics screen showing the general floor or roof layout, can be viewed or printed out to accompany any other documentation. Building Designers can import these details to their drawings to provide explicit construction details along with their layout drawings.

Wesbeam e-house Software - This e-house software suite integrates the activities of design, drafting, specification and engineering e-house beam sizes individual beams; e-house [floor] is a complete 3D roof and floor design suite; e-house [stick] is a 3D software which integrates and automates the design and engineering of stick roofs; and, e-house [WoH] is a 3D software which integrates and automates all major design elements when specifying and engineering framing environments for wood-framed structures in Australia.

This is a company specific program that provides users information as to whether the timber size selected satisfies the various load cases and conditions. Span tables are not included in this software.

StoraEnso Calculatis - This contains all the design modules from the previous CLTengineer and a few new ones. The material data base was extended and more design codes have been added. It is a rather flexible and complete design tool for timber-based structural components.

Pryda Designer Solutions The Pryda Designer Solutions CD contains:

Truss Systems Designer - The software allows the design of residential and commercial floors with selected dynamic performance levels, plus concentrated loads from walls, tiled areas, spas, etc. Roof rafters and purlins designed for a full range of wind speeds and roof materials. The software is user friendly and intuitive, and includes a cost comparison analysis for selection of the most cost effective specification for each truss application.

Pryda Frame - Designs virtually any structural timber component and calculates the most cost effective sizes of structural beams, joists, roof members, wall plates and studs. A company specific design program that generates span tables in accordance with input of various parameters.

Multinail - This software has been developed completely in-house since 1980, initially as engineering tools for estimating and detailing, however over the years the focus has changed to incorporate the production of prefabricated trusses from builder’s plans to the manufacturing plant through to the finished product. This has allowed Multinail to develop completely unique software programs that combine to form an exceptionally strong package from estimating and detailing and production management through to controlling automated machinery.

Rothoblaas myProject  - A series of intuitive, reliable and free calculation software tools for connections. The incorporate the latest regulations, advanced calculation models and customised reports with illustrations for laying patterns and indications for use of selected products.

MiTek  - Software for estimating and designing a wide range of prefabricated products that makes the most complex truss and frame designs straightforward, ensuring the job is right onsite.

Spax Design Software  - A new browser version for the online design of General Screw Design (shear + tension), shear reinforcement of timber members, compression reinforcement of beam supports and over rafter insulation option of server-sided store function (filehosting) and project management.

Simpson Strongtie has a range of dedicated software tools that allow users to select their connectors.

Commercial Software

SpanMan - Innovative internet based software for designing beam and joist framing members for all types of buildings. The current version has been completely rewritten to be in accordance with the latest Australian/New Zealand codes and internet technology, which can be used from PC's, iPads or smartphones. There is a large range of timber products to choose from, and design computations and certificates can be printed out in PDF.
By selecting a site wind classification and building type code loads are automatically set. Spanman is suitable for houses, commercial and institutional buildings. Its simple intuitive user friendly format makes it an ideal framing sizing tool for architects, building designers, specifiers, builders and engineers.

WOODexpress - An easy and versatile program for designing and dimensioning timber components, and timber roofs according to Eurocode 5 (EC5). A graphic interface simplifies repetitive and time-consuming calculations for timber elements and timber roofs. Detailed report show calculations, automatic generation of truss drawings and details of connections.

The design is based on a finite element analysis of the structure, considered as a two dimensional frame, and the stiffness of the connections is adjusted according to the selected degree of stiffness. The natural frequencies of the roof trusses are computed from a dynamic analysis.

Flexibility in adding new material and design parameters allow WOODexpress to be used in Australia.

BIMware Master Timber Connections - Designed for verification of load-carrying capacity of bolted splice connections for timber, wood-based and steel elements. Calculations are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the EUROCODE 5 (EN 1995-1-1).

RISA Technologies - In agreement with Canada's WoodWorks, RISA Technologies has expanded its structural design software package to include complete wood design capabilities. RISA offers three software programs—RISA-2D, RISA-3D and RISAFloor which comprise the “building system” software used to design a complete structure. RISAFloor is used first for gravity analysis and design, and RISA-3D is then used for lateral analysis. RISA-2D is generally used for single component design, including multiple shear walls in a single wall design.

RISA is integrated with Canadian Building Code, International Building Code and California Building Code.

WoodWorks - Three programs packaged in a cost-saving Design Office suite. The Sizer program is also available separately. It is produced by the Canadian Wood Council (CWC). The American Wood Council (AWC) provided technical guidance for CWC’s development of the US version.

Dlubal RX Timber - This stand‑alone program package designs glued‑laminated beams, continuous beams, and columns at the ultimate and the serviceability limit state according to the timber standard EN 1995‑1‑1:2010‑12/NA:2013‑08 (EC 5) and DIN 1052:2008‑12 . The main programs RFEM and RSTAB are based on a modular software system. The add-on modules of RFEM and RSTAB for timber structures design members and surfaces according to Eurocode 5 and other international standards. In addition, it is possible to perform fire resistance design according to EN 1995‑1‑2 or DIN 4102, Part 22.

PRO_SAP  - A FEM complete design tool which includes an updated timber and CLT module, integrated with other materials (reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, reinforced masonry, semi-prefabricated beams, large lightly reinforced walls, FRP reinforcements for masonry and reinforced concrete structures, steel and concrete reinforcement for existing concrete structures. Compliant with the Eurocodes.

Autodesk Robot - This has  basic timber design capabilities in a flexible 3D modelling tool which is fully integrated within the Autodesk family of design software.

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