Eden Port Welcome Centre

The Eden Welcome Centre is a maritime, cruise, and tourist facility on the Eden and Sapphire Coast of NSW, marking the beginning of a new era of tourism for the region.

Phoenix Pavilion

A segmented timber pavilion that supports community recovery, with stories of resilience etched into the architectural form.

The Gramophone Works

A new mass timber framed addition perches softly atop a historic concrete commercial building by a London canal.

Nappan Marsh Bridge

An ageing steel arch bridge has been replaced by an engineered timber structure with the same design, showcasing the headway emerging mass timber has made into competing with steel and concrete in construction.

HexBox Canopy

The HexBox Canopy is a prefabricated plywood sunshade that uses cutting edge robotic technology to get the most out of a simple material: Ecoply plywood.

Phoenix Central Park

A gallery and performance space contrasts stark concrete walls with contoured CLT ribs and warm timber finishes.

Wicks Park Amenities

The Wicks Park Amenities building was conceived as a lantern in the park; welcoming, open and light throughout the day, and a beacon in the evening.

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