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Wood is a product that combines inspiration, beauty, performance and environmental advantage.

This section discusses some of the most compelling reasons for using wood in the built environment. As you will discover, not only is wood a natural product of inherent beauty, as a building material it offers superior performance backed by significant environmental credentials.

For builders and designers seeking a construction material that is versatile, sustainable, attractive and cost effective – wood is the answer.

Offering design options that are limited only by imagination, its flexibility and versatility is no better demonstrated than by the variety of applications it lends itself to. From striking internal timber detailing to strong and cost effective external structures, wood offers a solution to a multitude of building and design requirements, literally creating living spaces alive with beauty, warmth and comfort.



Environmental Credential

A renewable, sustainable resource that provides wide-ranging benefits throughout its life cycle. Learn about the environmental credentials of wood as a building material.


Design Advantages

This section puts the spotlight on the numerous and varied benefits available to both designers and occupiers when using this natural and versatile building material.



Product Performance

Learn more about the many advantages of using wood in design and construction, notably its acoustic, thermal and fire performing properties, and its strength.



Third Party Certification

Read about forest certification schemes and recent logging legislation relevant to the timber industry.


Additional Articles

Additional Articles: For more detail on a variety of topics relating to the benefits of using wood in the built environment, browse the library of WoodSolutions articles.


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