Historical buildings


Walsh Bay Arts Precinct

The precinct is set to become a new cultural landmark for Sydney, envisaged as an arts ecosystem where co-located creatives can generate a powerful synergy.
a hallway with wood panels

ERA Offices

Located in a narrow, heritage listed former builder’s site-office in the heart of Hobart, ERA Offices is a collaborative
workspace centred on a distinctive timber core.
a group of people playing instruments on a stage

The Hedberg

The Hedberg presents an unprecedented ambition for a significant performing and creative arts destination in Hobart.
a large auditorium with red seats

Her Majesty's Theatre Redevelopment

The redevelopment of ‘Her Maj’ features a reintegration of lost architectural elements, heritage facade preservation, and a gorgeous new timber interior.
a room with a table and chairs

The Warehouse, Sydney

The Warehouse is an adaptive reuse of a heritage fronted industrial warehouse, proving salvaged materials can create exceptional results.
a room with a table and chairs

Arthurs Circus

Arthurs Circus is an exceptional architectural effort in restraint, working within a highly cherished heritage precinct in the heart of Battery Point, Hobart
a man painting on a canvas in a room with a large window

Barn House

A modern example of a traditional timber shed provides a relaxing new environment for a retired Norwegian couple.
a stone building with a metal roof

A Responsible Restoration

Celebrating the distinct character of the original building's 150-year history, this refurbishment becomes an allegory of the beauty of timber and its fundamental strength as a building material. Newly introduced elements are designed to enhance the historical understanding of the building while highlighting the charm of the retained original elements.

a walkway with tables and umbrellas in front of a building

St Andrews Beach Brewery

A former equine training ground on the Mornington Peninsula has been transformed into a coastal brewery and culinary hotspot.
a wood building with a window

Blue Magnolia

biotope architecture.interiors have renovated an 1840’s stone building in Hobart, to create modern visitor accomodation.

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