a kitchen with wooden cabinets and a countertop


Timber joinery offers a classic, stylish touch to any interior or exterior space.
a close-up of a garage door


Timber is one of the most popular and superior material choices for both internal and external doors.
a reception desk in a building

Panelling, Interior

Timber panelling creates interiors as warm as they are stylish. Commonly using an MDF or plywood substrate, internal timber paneling is natural and versatile and comes as either solid natural timber panels or as sheets of engineered wood products
a close-up of a wood sculpture


Mouldings are extremely versatile and durable, enhancing the aesthetics of any interior and functioning as the icing on the cake for designs with a focus on beauty and splendour.
a staircase with a hole in the ground

Rails and Balustrades, Interior

With its natural beauty and inherent strength, timber is a popular material choice for internal balustrades. Commonly built from treated softwoods and durable hardwoods, interior balustrades and handrails are typically finished with a clear lacquer to generate the most natural result.
a staircase in a building

Stairs, Interior

Timber is the material of choice for designers seeking internal staircases of strength, beauty and durability.
a room with benches and paintings on the wall


The warmth, strength and natural beauty of timber flooring is enduringly popular in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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