Resilient Timber Homes

About the Resilient Timber Homes Program

Resilient Timber Homes (RTH) are an efficient and sustainable solution to the challenges caused by our rapidly changing climate, which are becoming increasingly critical for our communities, environment, and economy.

This program will demonstrate how timber homes can be designed and built with a resilience-focused “Code+” approach, to provide better safety and wellness their occupants, as well as increased value for the investors and the whole community.

Resilient Timber Homes will therefore become a significant driver of the growth in the demand for innovative, sustainable and competitive wood-based products and services over a number of years. Increased demand will also result in a stronger and more resilient supply chain, a win both the environment and the whole building sector.

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The impact of natural hazards

Australians are five times more likely to be displaced by a natural disaster than someone living in Europe, while the associated costs are significantly growing.

Why Resilient Timber Homes?

Code-compliant timber frame construction is robust and resilient, while it offers better comfort and wellness. It also tackles climate change because it stores embodied carbon throughout its lifecycle.

How does the RTH program operate?

The Resilient Timber Homes program has a clear value proposition and operational plan, which will benefit both the program partners and home owners/occupiers.

The RTH partners

The Resilient Timber Homes program is managed by WoodSolutions through a Steering Committee supported by a group of experienced and dedicated partners.

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