Acoustics – Overview

Whether managing sound transmission between dwellings or using timber's natural acoustic qualities to enhance a building, effectively managing sound is an important part of any building design. 

When designing a new or modifying an existing dwelling, all building work must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and any actions to reduce the ingress of external noise must be designed and constructed to be compatible with all other aspects of the NCC that may apply. WoodSolutions Technical Design Guide 11 offers an overview of the key issues. 

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#11 Timber-framed Systems for External Noise
This Technical Design Guide identifies the key issues to be considered when dealing with external noise using lightweight timber-framed construction.

Other WoodSolutions resources relating to timber and acoustics include:

Acoustic considerations in construction – guidelines and resources to assist with compliance for the BCA sound insulation provisions. 

Understanding sound transmission – by understanding sound transmission, adequate resistance to the passage of sound can be incorporated into building design. 


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