The Gramophone Works

A new mass timber framed addition perches softly atop a historic concrete commercial building by a London canal.

Three Piece House

A single storey house divided into three timber clad pavilions forms the enticing enclosure of Three Piece House.

House on an Island

Atelier Oslo wraps an isolated Norwegian home in a slatted timber screen to provide shading and framed views.

The Farmhouse

A timber skyscraper concept that aims to tackle both the housing and food crises in one modular structure.

The Peak, Melbourne

A sustainable, affordable and socially-conscious tiny home, that aims to tackle Australia’s growing housing crisis.

JR's Eco Hut

A simple A-frame structure provides all the shelter needed atop a rural hill site in Gundagai.

Barn House

A modern example of a traditional timber shed provides a relaxing new environment for a retired Norwegian couple.

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