WoodSolutions applications and products bring you the ultimate building resource guide for a wide range of timber applications. Taking you through the process of specification, installation, finishing and maintenance, these guides will ensure you approach your next project with knowledge and confidence.

In addition to a step-by-step application process, each guide highlights the key points every builder or designer should consider to ensure a successful and quality result every time.

From decking to windows, pergolas to flooring. The variety of applications timber lends itself to, highlights not only its versatility but also its inherent strength and enduring appeal. Whether it’s applied in large scale multi storey structures or utilised for its natural aesthetic qualities as part of interior features, there is much to discover about the versatility and variety of timber in the built environment.

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Search and view structural timber applications that demonstrate the strength and stability of timber as a primary construction material. Timber offers the innovative and modern designer or builder an opportunity to create strong, reliable structures that work with our environment, rather than against it.

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Search and view exterior timber application guides that demonstrate the use of timber in a variety of common outdoor building spaces. From natural outdoor sanctuaries created by timber landscaping to the strength, reliability and aesthetic appeal of exterior timber staircases. The natural appeal and beauty of timber sees functional structures and spaces blend seamlessly with their outdoor environment.

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Search and view interior timber application guides that will assist in the creation of natural living spaces within the indoor environment. From the warmth and beauty of hardwood timber flooring to the design potential of internal timber panelling. The applications and uses of timber in the indoor environment are limited only by imagination.

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For more detail on a variety of topics relating to the application of timber in the built environment, browse the library of WoodSolutions articles.

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Search all applications and products using key terms such as product type, preferred species or material etc.

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Resources detailing further information on specific aspects of the application process including detailed and up-to-date information on fire-resistance, thermal and acoustic properties, durability, performance, treatments and finishes.