The Benefits of Wood at Work

Add Wood. A new approach to increasing workplace productivity!

A new research report shows that adding natural elements, such as wood, to our workplace environments is associated with increased feelings of wellbeing and higher productivity.


The implications of this are both broad and exciting and should inform the design of every new and refurbished office fit-out, in addition to providing the impetus to rethink the furniture and decor of existing offices!

Applying the findings to workplaces - ranging from coporate and government offices to home offices - has the potential to create happier, more productive workplaces with reduced absenteeism.

This research also complements overseas studies that have suggested that more wood and other natural materials in educational environments can lead to similar results, with indicators being higher academic marks and better student behaviour. Overseas studies have also shown benefits to hospital patients associated with increased exposure to natural elements in their environments.

This research has been described by Canberra University's Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer as one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that she has seen for such a proposition:

“What I found and got really excited about was that there’s a really strong association between the presence of wood and wellbeing. I’ve rarely seen a data set or a study which has shown such a clear link.”

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