New Environmental Product Declarations: Particleboard and MDF

WoodSolutions Environmental Product Declaration: Particleboard and MDF



WoodSolutions EPDs are invaluable tools for architects, designers and other building professionals who wish to substantiate the sustainability credentials of their projects.

Gaining Recognition under Green Star

This EPD can be used by designers and purchasers of Australian plywood products such as structural plywood, decorative plywood, plywood linings and formwork. This EPD, as are the other EPDs about to be published, complies with the requirements for an “industry-wide EPD” under the Green Star system. It may be used by project teams specifying Australian sawn softwood from the manufacturers listed in the EPD to obtain points under the Materials category of the current Design & As Built and Interiors Green Star rating tools, as well as under the Innovation Challenge category of the legacy rating tools.

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