NEW Planet Ark report - Wood Housing Health Humanity

NEW Planet Ark report - Wood Housing Health Humanity

Download a pdf of the report here

Housing Health Humanity Report Cover

The health and wellbeing benefits associated with

spending time outside in nature are well known

and have been studied extensively by the scientific

community and reported on by Planet Ark1.

These known benefits include:

• Increased happiness and self-esteem levels2,3

• Increased cognitive abilities4,5

• Decreased stress response, blood pressure,

pulse rates and cholesterol levels6,7

However increasing urbanisation rates mean that

people have less access to nature in their daily

lives and Australians on average now spend over

90% of their time indoors8. This coincides with

reports of increasing levels of obesity9 and nearly

half of Australians experiencing a mental health

condition within their lifetime10. As it is not always

possible to increase our time spent outside,

particularly in areas like workplaces, schools and

hospitals, understanding how to incorporate the

physiological and psychological benefits of nature

into our indoor environments is an increasingly

important area of research.

Read the report here

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