New Podcast: Biophilia with Caroline Pidcock


For 25 years, architect Caroline Pidcock has run her residential architectural practice with a focus on biophilic design, creating environments that are regenerative, sustainable and enhance people’s wellbeing by having a strong connection to nature. She is now looking at how the adoption of these sustainable principles, and the philosophy of biophilia can be accelerated into the wider architecture and building design industries.


Caroline’s connection to nature began in childhood, growing up in Port Jackson, surrounded by the bush and water. Aged eighteen, she decided to study architecture on a whim and immediately fell in love with it whilst studying at Sydney University under architects who were socially and sustainably oriented. After graduating, Caroline realised she loved working for herself and when starting her own practice, reflected on what her core design principles and philosophies were to be. She decided her focus would be on green architecture, by creating spaces that are not only sustainable but regenerative and have a positive impact on the environment and the people within them. 


Her practice has long valued the connection to nature in design, yet urbanisation has not shared these values and in Caroline’ view, has detrimentally led to a detachment in society from the natural world. New research funded by Forest and Wood Products Australia has revealed the importance of biophilic principles in design, as it was shown that buildings which include natural wooden surfaces in the workplace have a strong association with increased employee satisfaction and wellbeing, leading to greater engagement, creativity and productivity.


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