Ten Tall Timber Buildings Survey Report

Tall Timber Report Cover


(From left to right; top to bottom)

1. UBC Earth Sciences Building.

Architecture by Perkins+Will

Photo credit: Martin Tessler


Architecture by Atelier PK, Roedig Schop Architekten and Rozynski Sturm

Photo credit: Stefan Mueller

3. Bridport House

Architecture by Karakusevic Carson Architects

Photo credit: Wilmott Dixon Group

4. Cenni di Cambiamento

Architecture by ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI srl.

Photo credit: Riccardo Ronchi

5. LifeCycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE)

Architecture by Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH

Photo credit: www.creebuildings.com

6. Forté

Architecture by Lendlease

Photo credit: Lendlease

7. E3

Architecture by Kaden Klingbeil

Photo credit: Bernd Borchardt

8. Holz8 (H8)

Architecture by SHANKULA Architekten

Photo credit: Huber&Sohn

9. Tamedia

Architecture by Shigeru Ban Architects

Photo credit: Didier Boy de la Tour

10. Limnologen

Architecture by Arkitektbolaget Kronoberg

Photo credit: Midroc Property Development

Download a pdf of the Summary Report here 

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