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The 2018 AILA International Festival of Landscape Architecture: The Expanding Field will promote the great diversity within landscape architecture practice and promote our critical role in tackling the contemporary challenges of our time.

The Expanding Field will survey the porous and often-contested edges of our profession with the aim of identifying progressive avenues of enquiry, discovering new territory for design, and inspiring innovative forms of practice. 

Our discipline is evolving, forming creative relationships with new allied fields, continually adapting to a time of rapid change. We see a case therefore to no longer look inward, but to push out to the edges and “un-define the defined”. In celebration of this, the conference will project possible futures, by looking outward toward the perimeter of practice where landscape architects are venturing into new roles and territories and applying our culture in hybrid ways. We will hear from landscape architects, urban designers, anthropologists, authors, scientists, artists and others about themes and topics that surround us, and by expanding our gaze, we hope to illuminate possible pathways forward that enable landscape architecture to grow its relevance and ability to confront and significantly contribute to the challenges of the coming century.

Moving into its fifth year, the International Festival of Landscape Architecture is designed to position landscape architecture as a leading profession in shaping a better future. Events for the 2018 Festival will be wide ranging and include the International Landscape Architecture Conference, National Landscape Architecture Awards, a student program, parties along with public and industry talks, tours, and exhibitions. 

Date: Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018

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For registration enquiries please email theexpandingfield@aila.org.au or phone (02) 6248 7740. 

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