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Course Description

Forest products are much more efficient users of energy than other materials and there is now a decreasing availability of products from some regions and changes in quality from others. A greater understanding of the user’s final requirements is needed to adjust to this situation.  Requirements may be for high quality appearance grade products, or for a uniform quality and lower cost product. Either way, the magic lies in processing each style of timber (the raw material) for its efficient conversion into a marketable and fit for purpose product.

Timber processors invariably seek to satisfy stringent market demands.  A  lot of knowledge, expertise and information is needed in order to successfully manage things like variable raw material supply volumes;  variable raw material (wood) characteristics which in turn impact yields and cost of processing them; and the wider Australian and international market dynamics (raw material supply/demand/price and ditto for end products) which their businesses face.

Integral to managing these challenges is an appreciation of wood science and technology and the new techniques being introduced.

This Gottstein Trust Wood Science Course of 5 full days duration has been planned to provide this information. The course can even assist decision makers in the industry to gain greater efficiency in their operations.


Provide an understanding of wood and the properties which affect processing and end-use.

Provide insights into the potential for development of new products.

Provide an appreciation of contemporary issues including supply and demand trends in the forest products industries.

Next Course

The next Wood Science Course is scheduled to run from Sunday evening 21st to Friday afternoon 26th June 2020 . The first two days will be at Albury with a great program of activities before travelling by luxury coach to Canberra for the second leg of the course. This will take place at the Fenner School of Environment and Society – thanks to the generous support of the Australian National University.

Who Should Attend

Senior and potential managers, operational team members, policy people, consultants, executives, non-executive directors and service providers within the forest and wood products supply chain. The course will be of particular relevance to those who may have recently joined the industry.

Why You Should Attend

You will gain a deeper understanding of wood science and key features of the modern wood products industry – this will be an asset in your professional work environment.  This course should also assist you to place your operation within a national and international context.

In order to facilitate informal exchange and discussion, the course is limited to about 35 participants.


For more information about this course click HERE.

For all enquiries please contact: gottsteinsecretary@gmail.com 

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