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the pillars of Austin Maynard Architects. Widely renowned for their boundless creative energy Austin Maynard Architects' designs are at once well conceived, playful and edgy.

Since launching in 2002, the Austin Maynard Architects team has built up an exciting and diverse portfolio. The practice is not inhibited by building type, but rather navigates residential, retail and commercial arenas and is rich in envelope-pushing conceptual designs. Austin Maynard Architects explore architecture of enthusiasm. Treating each project as a unique challenge, and working directly with clients and occupants, our team offer individual possibilities and thoughtful responses to people, brief and place. We embrace deliberative design and look to issues of liveability, culture, heritage, community connection, mental health and cures to modern isolation. We pride ourselves in sustainable design and experimentation. Ideas are concept rich, left of centre, playful and environmentally conscious; styles and singular themes are avoided. At Austin Maynard we specialise in ideas rather than building type, whether the project is a house in Fitzroy, a library in Japan, a protest shelter in Tasmania or a plywood bicycle. 

Projects on Woodsolutions


Union House

A vibrant family home in Brunswick seamlessly mixes mass timber construction with a rich palette of materials and textures.

Tower House

Close consultation between the clients and architects led to a beautiful family home.

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