Cumulus Studio

Cumulus Studio is an award winning architecture and interior design practice with offices in Hobart, Launceston and Melbourne. The three offices operate as one combined studio, providing flexibility in the size and scope of work undertaken and ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach to all projects.

Projects on Woodsolutions


Launceston Offices

The Launceston Offices by Cumulus Studio is an exemplar of the use of local, high quality materials, designed and constructed by a committed team of local builders, architects and craftspeople.

Stillwater Seven

Cumulus Studio have reinvented an 1830’s flour mill on the river banks of Launceston, to create a stunning timber hotel.

Calm & Playful

This project uses natural materials where possible to create a natural and welcoming environment. Lively elements like painted joinery and the stacked, jenga-like storeys contribute to a calm, non-institutional and playful space.

Two spaces developed as one

Hobart and Moonah Bento Box, developed together as one concept, feature bold interiors alluding to the traditional containers of the food they serve.

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