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a building with a lawn and trees in front of it

Nunawading Community Hub

Nunawading Community Hub is a multi-functional community and sports precinct housed under an impressive timber truss roof, spanning 23 metres.
a large building with a large ceiling and stairs

Bunjil Place: 2018 ATDA Grand Prix Winner

Winner of the 2018 ATDA Grand Prix award for excellence in timber design, Bunjil Place provides a multi-purpose community space that reflects and embraces diversity. A striking timber feature creates a fluid, organic geometry in the central atrium, unifying the complex and celebrating the building's innovative structural design.
a lobby with a glass door and chairs

A Different Type of Sustainable City Tower

The EY Centre is one of Australia’s most environmentally advanced and sustainable buildings, with initiatives carried through from design and construction to delivery. The envelope is a responsive skin, a kinetic architecture adjusting automatically to the position of the sun and time of day to control the heat load and sky glare.
a lobby with a couple of people standing in front of a wall

EY Centre – Tower of Wood

EY Centre features a world-first closed cavity facade with a timber blind system, with a high sustainability performance and a beautiful and distinctive exterior, showcasing the incredible results that can be achieved by embracing natural materials.

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