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Kunama Townhouses

Kunama Townhouses

Kunama Townhouses utilise mass timber and bathroom pods to create beautiful and resilient short term accommodation in Australia’s high country.
a wooden structure in a grassy field

Permanent Camping

Casey Brown’s second ‘Permanent Camping’ structure comprises two ironbark-framed, copper-clad towers that sit sculpturally in the vast rural landscape.
a building with a metal roof

Wicks Park Amenities

The Wicks Park Amenities building was conceived as a lantern in the park; welcoming, open and light throughout the day, and a beacon in the evening.
a house with trees in the background

Scotland Island House

A black timber clad, rambling modern home weaves its way through its Scotland Island forest setting in Northern Sydney.
a building with a wooden wall

Marks Park Amenities

Marks Park Amenities is a reimagined 1970s toilet block utilising recycled timber to create a building worthy of its spectacular location.

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