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22 - 27 May 2022
Kabuto One Tokyo
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WoodSolutions' Robert Pradolin is proud to presenting at the Woodrise Business Session. Find out more information on WOODRISE here.


Woodrise is an international congress for the development of mid-rise and high-rise wooden buildings that attracts industry stakeholders from around the world.

The WOODRISE 2021 BUSINESS SESSION will be held to provide an opportunity for the exchange of opinions and interaction among the many industry stakeholders from all over the world, including those who had wished to attend the conference in Kyoto in October but were unable to come to Japan due to COVID-19.

The leading-edge knowledge from all over the world was gathered at the WOODRISE event in Kyoto. Not only the effects and merits of using wood, but also public policy and the latest projects were introduced and technical themes such as fireproofing, seismic resistance, and acoustic performance were covered. For further development of mid and high-rise wooden buildings, it is important to utilize such knowledge and technology to realize and disseminate them as a business. At the WOODRISE BUSINESS SESSION, messages toward sustainable development will be delivered from the industry that is indispensable to realize mid and high-rise wooden buildings. We aim to provide an opportunity to meet new ideas and find key solutions by sharing the industry’s practical efforts and future prospects, value as ESG investing, as well as technological or regulatory issues from a business perspective.


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