WoodSolutions Thursday Webinar | Opportunities for cutting embodied carbon and the role of timber structures

Start/End Date
10 Feb 2022 11:00am


Reducing embodied carbon of the materials used in construction is the next frontier to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of our entire industry. And indeed, as Ian Learmonth (CEFC’s CEO) summarised it, “Australian developers and builders don’t have to choose between sustainability and saving on costs.” That’s also thanks to the CEFC’s Timber Building Program, just announced, which will offer $300 million in debt financing to encourage greater use of Engineered Wood Products.

A recent report from the CEFC identifies Australia’s opportunities to cut embodied carbon in buildings. The CEFC found that timber-based projects, in the 2 case studies shown in the report, achieved a reduction of respectively 74 and 75 per cent compared to a concrete-based benchmark.

You will hear from our speakers about their insight into the significance of this task in the current market environment, and the state-of-the-art approach to designing for sustainability and wellness, with timber structures. They will be joined, in the final Q&A session, by the engineers involved in the 2 case studies mentioned in the CEFC report.



Christina Wijeratne, Senior Associate, Investments at CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation)

Jonas Bengtsson, Founder CEO, EDGE Environment


Q&A Panelists 

(to also quickly present facts & figures of their project)

Melissa Gaspari, Lead Consultant, Sustainability, Aurecon

Atreyu De Lacy, Technical Director, TTW

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