WoodSolutions Webinar | The Amazing Benefits and Real Challenges of Prefab in Residential Construction

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09 Aug 2022 11:00am


If you are interested in prefabricated construction opportunities, this webinar is not to be missed.

In this webinar, we will discuss real-life case study examples and the extensive data now captured from them. We will dig into the learning outcomes and key categories that prove to be the ‘true benefits of prefab in the residential construction sector’.

Our speaker will talk about the various challenges that exist, the challenges that need to be addressed to unlock the effective use of prefab and what measures and factors their company has utilised to overcome these challenges.


David Haller


David Haller

National Operations Manager of the Masterplanned Communities construction division at Mirvac

David is responsible for all construction delivery nationally. With over 25 years in the construction industry in Australia, David has been at Mirvac for 21 years, and through various roles has delivered over 7,000 homes with a construction value of over $1.6 billion. Led by David and his team, Mirvac have consistently pursued innovative building techniques and processes, and have now delivered over 200 homes using off-site manufacturing and prefabrication techniques.

David is also a Director of PrefabAus, a role he is passionate about, as it provides another avenue to demonstrate his commitment towards construction innovation and sharing Mirvac’s journey and learnings to promote the use of prefab and increase the appreciation and understand the immense benefits and value of Prefab construction techniques in the industry.


The Mirvac Group is well known for its innovative culture and willingness to be bold and try new ways to improve every facet of its operations. The company is recognised as a leader in the domestic housing industry in unlocking innovative methods of construction, and for the past 8 years Mirvac Homes have been pioneering the use of prefabricated elements to deliver state-of-the art architecturally designed homes.

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