WoodSolutions Webinar | AMRF First Building – Designing for Country and Disassembly

Start/End Date
02 Jul 2024 11:00am
WoodSolutions webinar on AMRF First Building – Designing for Country and Disassembly 2nd July at 11AM

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Building (AMRF) embraces the future while respecting the past, the AMRF First Building serves as a collaborative hub for government, industry, and research to foster innovative manufacturing initiatives. True to its name, it is the inaugural structure for Aerotropolis, the pioneering urban area poised to revolutionize Western Sydney.

This distinctive facility will include a visitor center and public viewing areas, offering a unique perspective on the ongoing development of Australia's latest sustainable and interconnected city. It is a beautiful timber building which places sustainability at its heart — and restores Indigenous Australian culture as the lifeblood of the land. 

This presentation by Yann Frampton, associate with leading architectural firm Hassell, will touch on the key design principles including designing with Country, design concepts developed from Country, designing for Circular Economy & Disassembly, materials research and sourcing, and timber design innovation.

Join us to learn all about this amazing project which seeks to address some of the wider issues the building industry faces today - shifting away from business as usual, through a journey of advocacy towards a more regenerative future whilst honouring the past.

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