WoodSolutions Webinar | Fire Safe Use of Wood in Buildings - Global Design Guide

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23 Aug 2022 11:00am


This recently published Open Access book is the first of its kind, being a set of global guidelines for the fire-safe use of structural timber and wood products in buildings. The 462-page guide was developed by the Fire Safe Use of Wood global network, a network of leading fire and timber researchers from Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, United Kingdom and the USA.

It is based on the best current scientific knowledge, current codes and standards such as the Fire Part of Eurocode 5, and practical guidance. It provides details on separating and load-bearing functions of timber structures, with information on timber’s reaction to fire. It also explores different regulation requirements from countries around the world.

The guide was edited by two experts Andrew Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Canterbury University and PTL Structural Consultants, New Zealand and Dr Birgit Östman, senior advisor to Linnaeus University, Sweden. The guide contains the following chapters

1. Timber structures and wood products
2. Fire safety in timber buildings;
3. Fire dynamics
4. Fire safety requirements in different regions
5. Reaction to fire performance
6. Fire separating assemblies
7. Load-bearing timber structures
8. Timber connections
9. Prevention of fire spread within structures
10. Active fire protection by sprinklers
11. Performance-based design and risk assessment
12. Robustness in fire
13. Building execution and control
14. Firefighting considerations for timber buildings


Andrew Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Canterbury University

David Barber, Arup

Andrew Dunn, Timber Development Association

Paul England, EFT Consulting

Colleen Wade, Fire Research Group

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