WoodSolutions Webinar | Performance of reinforced timber frames: Lab insights to practical design

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06 Aug 2024 11:00am
WoodSolutions Webinar: Performance of reinforced timber frames: Lab insights to practical design. August 6th at 11AM


In pursuit of squeezing the most value from every timber fibre, Professor Hamid Vali Pour Goudarzi and his research team have been busy investigating the reinforcement and strengthening of timber frames. The use of innovative composite solutions is only accelerating, extending the use of lower grade timber supply. However, establishing robust standardised design regimes is a significant challenge. Professor Hamid and his team are tackling this challenge. Join us as we discuss their journey and learn what it could mean for the future flexibility of our valuable timber supply.


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Hamid Vali Pour Goudarzi Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering UNSW

Hamid Valipour completed his PhD at the University of New South Wales in 2009. He investigates the behaviour and development of innovative hybrid structures that fully exploit the advantages of timber, steel and concrete. His goal is to develop innovative structural systems with lower energy and carbon footprint and also structures (especially connections) which are easy to fabricate, assemble and dismantle. His team is always searching for new methods of efficient and accurate modelling, analysis and design of hybrid structural systems under short- and long-term service loads.

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