Fire and sound rated systems

Any wall or floor that separates one dwelling or unit from another must provide adequate resistance to the passage of sound. There are two types of sound which need to be resisted: sounds from airborne sources such as speech, musical instruments and loudspeakers; and sounds from impact sources, such as footsteps and the moving of furniture.

To minimise both fire propagation and sound transmission in MRTFC projects, it is important to select the right linings and sound rated systems.  

The selection process needs to consider a range of factors including wall/ceiling systems, covers fixings, fire rating levels and any limitations of each system. 

More detailed information is included in the MRTFC Design and Construction Guides.

This section contains the following reports:

  • Fire and sound rated wall and floor/ceiling systems summary
  • Understanding and improving sound transmission loss
  • Dos for designers and builders for better sound control

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