Flooring insulation

This section contains a report that is a review of the range of thermal insulation materials and products that manufacturers recommend as suitable for installation with timber floors.  The report aims to provide information and to initiate industry discussion in response to increasing mandatory thermal performance requirements for Class 1 Buildings throughout Australia. The findings and associated recommendations of this study are summarised; they represent a range of issues including statutory guidance, insulation product information and both design and construction techniques pertinent to insulated timber floors.

The materials and products were identified by an extensive Australia-wide and overseas survey. This survey collected product data and anecdotal evidence regarding the installation and performance of the systems. Requirements of the Building Code of Australia and its referenced standards as they relate to residential construction using timber-framed floors were reviewed. This is in addition to popular construction practices, advice given by timber associations to builders, and advice given by government agencies and departments to consumers. 

Taken together, the information collected provided the input to create a set of data sheets which list R-vales of the overall insulated floor system for a range of site and construction configurations. Performance parameters of the product and floor structure, both in-construction and in-service are also listed for each insulation system.

This section contains the following resource:

  • Insulation Solutions to Enhance the Thermal Resistance of Suspended Timber Floor Systems in Australia

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