How does the RTH program operate?

The Resilient Timber Homes program has a clear value proposition:

  • Develop and test a better method to design and construct, with respect to business-as-usual and minimum Code requirements, in order to
  • Be beneficial to both the program partners and the home owners/users (i.e. lower risk, future-proof real estate values, reduced maintenance costs, lower Council rates…).

The program is:

  • Designed and measured based on partner’s inputs and KPIs
  • Organised with projects, tasks and deliverables to suit specific targets
  • Able to generate both private and public IP, that will be dealt with accordingly.

And it is organised in 2 phases.

PHASE 1 will:

  • describe the current state of the art with a Design Guide
  • generate new, meaningful ideas through a Design Competition
  • inform and support further RD&E initiatives with a Technology readiness Assessment and a Cost Benefit Analysis of selected Design Competition submissions
  • disseminate the results by updating the Design Guide and organising other initiatives
  • establish a network that supports collaborations and accelerates the adoption of the solutions being developed.

PHASE 2 will organise and perform:

  • laboratory/model testing (with Research Partners + Research Providers)
  • full-scale prototypes and tests with Councils/Developers/Builders
  • IP sharing (general, unbranded + branded, commercial)
  • extension initiatives (Go-to-market, communication, surveys...)

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