Innovative products

Whether in its natural form, or as an engineered wood product (EWP), there is a timber product to meet the specified requirements of an ever increasing range of applications.

Leading the innovation charge are engineered wood products. The latest breed of EWPs are breaking the moulds of convention and expanding the application of timber from the typical to the extraordinary.

The building industry is increasingly recognising the potential results available from working with environmentally focused products that combine clean aesthetics and sound structural properties. Products that promote and allow efficient and cost effective construction of strong timber focused structures.

Structures like Stadthaus in London, a nine store residential building that is considered the tallest residential timber structure in the world. Built almost entirely from pre-fabricated cross laminated timber panel (CLT), it took five people, nine weeks to construct. While the savings in construction and labour costs are significant enough, when combined with the savings in carbon emissions, through the use of non traditional construction techniques (estimated at 125 tonnes), plus the effect of the timber construction's carbon sequestration (estimated at more than 181 tonnes of carbon), it becomes clear innovative timber products like CLT are taking sustainable structural design to new heights. 

For more information on Stadthaus and innovative timber products like CLT panels see the following fact sheet for download or take a look at more detailed information on Cross-laminated Timber.


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