Interim Standard - Recycled Decorative Products

The objective of this Interim Standard is to provide recycled timber manufacturers, suppliers and users with requirements for visually grading recycled hardwood timber intended for use in decorative applications.

For structural applications, please see the relevant interim standard here.

The Standard is an Interim Standard, as this is the first time national visual grading rules have been developed for recycled timber in Australia. It is intended that after a period of application and use, the Interim Standard will be reviewed and amended and then will be submitted to Standards Australia for consideration for development as a formal Australian Standard. In respect of the application of this Standard, statements expressed in mandatory terms in notes to tables or diagrams are deemed to be requirements of this Standard.

This industry standard applies to recycled hardwood only and sets grade descriptions for decorative recycled timber products. Recycled timber is timber that has been previously used and served its initial purpose. Recycled timber may be recovered from use for re-use either in its original size or re-manufactured to smaller dimensions.

The Standard covers products that:

  • are manufactured from timber that have been sawn from larger members (eg girders, roof framing) into products such as flooring, cladding, lining, bench tops, joinery/furniture stock
  • have been recovered from previous use and will be re-used without further sawing or machining (eg flooring)
  • are to be lightly-loaded non structural members of larger cross section (eg decorative beams and posts).

The following documents are referred to in this Standard:

AS 1604 Timber - Preservative-treated - Sawn and round
AS 1684 Residential timber framed construction
AS 2796.1 Timber - Hardwood - Sawn and milled products. Part 1: Product specification
AS 2796.1 Timber - Hardwood - Sawn and milled products. Part 2: Grade descriptions

AS/NZS 1080.1 Timber - Methods of Test - Method 1: Moisture content
AS/NZS 1080.2 Timber - Methods of Test - Method 2: Slope of grain (Parts 1 to 3)
AS/NZS 4491 Timber - Glossary of terms in timber related Standards

Industry standards

FWPA PN06.1039 - Recycled Timber - Visually Stress Graded Recycled Timber for Structural Purposes


This section contains the following resource for download, which covers various aspects of processing recycled timber including but not limited to grading, species, preservative treatments, surface and finish imperfections and manufacture:


  • Interim Industry Standard Recycled Timber – Visually Graded Recycled Decorative Products
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