Manufacturing efficiency and flexibility

Timber is strong, lightweight and flexible, making timber construction simple and safer than common alternatives. Choosing timber means there isn't the need to contend with heavy lifting and large cranes to secure materials onsite, making building sites safer work places. In addition, when working with timber, the range of timber products can be shaped and machined onsite, offering a significant benefit for project management and turnaround times.

Advances in modern technology enable fast and accurate installation of engineered wood products like LVL members. Specialist manufacturers use high tech prefabrication that guarantees accuracy and ensures rapid construction. Pre-fabricated LVL building systems can be used for multi-storey commercial and long span industrial portal framed buildings.

In contrast many alternate construction materials like steel must be fabricated and finished in a factory and then bought to the site for assembly. In most cases onsite welding and grinding is required, thus creating additional site safety issues to contend with, like fire danger. Whereas LVL can usually be assembled with standard fittings such as nails and bolts, steel will require a specialist contractor onsite, adding costs and time to any project.

In short timber offers an efficiency and flexibility that common alternatives like steel just can't match. Materials like steel will generally require more equipment, more contractors and offsite fabrication and finishing, which ultimately equal increased labour costs and time.

To learn more about the benefits of working with timber see the following reports available for download.

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