S1 E01 Timber Talks: Enabling Productivity with Prefabricated Timber Systems, Adam Strong

30 min

Adam Strong is Managing Director at Strongbuild, a Sydney-based company specialising in streamlined building systems and sustainable resources with a focus on the design and delivery of multi-residential, aged-care and retirement living projects. One of the advantages of timber, is its ability to enable prefabrication for a building to simultaneously improve quality, price and program for a project.

In this interview with Adam we discuss:

  • How stepping back in the supply chain has given Strongbuild the control to produce higher quality offsite, enable higher productivity onsite and push innovation
  • Why early contractor involvement is key to unlocking all of the productivity benefits for timber construction
  • Why design, detailing and logistics are fundamentals for a successful prefabricated project

Building professionals globally are turning to timber in mid-rise construction as it provides a healthier, environmentally friendly (carbon), sustainable, efficiently off-site prefabricated solution that dramatically reduces construction times and accordingly the overall cost of the project

If you want to find out more about Strongbuild, go to www.strongbuild.com.au


Timber Talks Series 1

Presented by Adam Jones, an Australian engineer working in the industry, Timber Talks, gives you an informative and inspiring insight into the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies from the world leading experts in timber design, specification and construction.

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