S1 E04 Part 2 - Pushing he Boundaries with Timber Construction - Jonathan Evans, Tzannes and Karl-Heinz Weiss, Lendlease

27 min

Jonathan Evans is a partner at Tzannes, who was previously the lead architect on International House in Sydney, a 7 storey commercial office building designed for Lendlease, which previously won the Australian Timber Design Award 2017; and Karl-Heinz Weiss, an engineer and the general manager for DesignMake at Lendlease, who has extensive experience he is bringing to Australia, working on projects like K5, the world's largest engineered timber office building in Brisbane, and a proposed major redevelopment at Collins Wharf in Melbourne.

Jonathan and Karl-Heinz are teaming up together for their next project, C1 in Barangaroo which is being called 'The Big Sister' of International House, which is also 7 storeys, but have decided to continue to push the boundaries, by increasing the floor spans by a further 50%..

In Part 2 of this discussion, we cover:

  • How to break new ground and innovate in both engineering and architecture
  • The lessons learned from previous projects, to be taken into C1
  • The flow from digital work flow, to physical prefabrication and then to construction of building elements
  • The importance of sustainability and reducing embodied carbon in our buildings

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