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WoodSolutions Timber Talks: Series 2

Timber is becoming known as the building material of the 21st Century. It is strong – a high strength to weight ratio is recently being utilised with innovative developments; it is safe – being both durable and achieving fire ratings; it is sustainable – the most viable mainstream building material option, storing carbon to reduce the effects of global warming.

Research by McGraw and Hill suggests that innovation in the construction industry has been stagnant for over 50 years - with less than 2% being invested in R&D in the USA. Now, innovation suggests that timber may match the productivity gains shown by other industries, as new applications of traditional products and new engineered wood products  are suitable for prefabrication that allows rapid construction cycles and reduces costs.

Presented by Adam Jones, an Australian engineer working in the industry, Timber Talks, gives you an informative and inspiring insight into the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies from the world leading experts in timber design, specification and construction.

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S2 E01 Michael Marks on Katerra’s Vision for Construction

Michael Marks is the co-founder of Katerra, a vertically integrated company setting up a global supply chain, utilising factories and prefabrication to paving an entirely new construction process with a quantum leap in efficiency. Michael has been named the top 10 CEO's of all time within Silicon Valley, as he has previously grown Flextronics from $93 million revenue to $16 billion, and was previously an interim CEO of Tesla.

The multi-trillion dollar global construction industry is ready for change. Construction companies typically invest less than 1% of revenue into new technologies - lower than every other major industry. Katerra is on a mission to change this by optimising every aspect of building design, materials supply and construction. Early results indicate we can expect an improvement in quality, increase in productivity and a reduction in overall costs.

S2 E02 2019 National Construction Code Changes - Part 1

Changes to the 2019 National Construction Code Volume One increase the range of buildings, up to an effective height of 25m, in which fire-protected timber construction systems can be used. New responsibilities are placed on the Structural Engineer, Architect and Certifier. Today we speak with Paolo Lavisci, the Mid-rise Program Development Manager at WoodSolutions and Boris Iskra, National Codes and Standards Manager at FWPA about:

  • What are the new 2019 NCC updates,

  • Which building types have the greatest opportunities from the changes

  • The general movement of building codes around the world

This is a two part series in which the first focuses on the DTS provisions of the 2019 NCC. The next episode explores the performance solution approach for exposed timber.

You can download WoodSolutions Mid-rise Technical Design Guide here

S2 E03 Life Cycle of a Timber Product

Sustainability is currently a trend around the globe, and Australia has signed to the Paris Climate Change agreement, committing to keep global warming to below 1.5C to 2.0C. The buildings industry has made a lot of progress in understanding the solutions for operational energy, and inevitably the proportion of impacts that come from structural materials is increasing. Timber construction has a big role to play in reducing the  impacts of materials, and therefore understanding the effect of its complete life cycle is essential.

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