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Timber Talks
Adam Jones

Timber is becoming known as the building material of the 21st Century. It is strong – a high strength to weight ratio is recently being utilised with innovative developments; it is safe – being both durable and achieving fire ratings; it is sustainable – the most viable mainstream building material option, storing carbon to reduce the effects of global warming.

Research by McGraw and Hill suggests that innovation in the construction industry has been stagnant for over 50 years - with less than 2% being invested in R&D in the USA. Now, innovation suggests that timber may match the productivity gains shown by other industries, as new applications of traditional products and new engineered wood products  are suitable for prefabrication that allows rapid construction cycles and reduces costs.

Presented by Adam Jones, an Australian engineer working in the industry, Timber Talks, gives you an informative and inspiring insight into the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies from the world leading experts in timber design, specification and construction.

S2 E02 2019 National Construction Code Changes - Part 1
08 Apr 2020
33 min
S2 E03 Life Cycle of a Timber Product
08 Apr 2020
28 min
S2 E04 Performance Solution for Exposed Timber
08 Apr 2020
37 min
S2 E05 Design, Prefabrication and Robotics for Efficient Offsite Construction
08 Apr 2020
26 min
S2 E06 Understanding Timber Connections
08 Apr 2020
17 min
S2 E08 The story behind a 5 storey CLT apartment block Part 1
08 Apr 2020
24 min
S2 E09 The story behind a 5 storey CLT apartment block Part 2
08 Apr 2020
18 min
S02 E13 Environmental Product Declarations
08 Apr 2020
S02 E12 - Ho Ho Vienna - Richard Woschitz, Woschitz Group
08 Apr 2020
23 min
S02 E11 Future of Mid-rise Timber Buildings - Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks USA
08 Apr 2020
21 min

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