Australian Timber Construction Education Network (ATCEN)

The Australian Timber Construction Education Network is a collective timber industry-educator network and forum focussed on collaborative support, help, trust, mentoring, and building awareness around timber construction.


The ATCEN is a forum open to educators, researchers, industry representatives, and organisations with an interest in timber construction and design, education, and research. 

The network aims to create an environment where members can share their experience, knowledge, and views and support the advancement of the Australian timber construction and design sector.

ATCEN Objectives

  • To facilitate a forum for those involved in educating building professional groups to competently design and construct with timber.
  • To foster synergies between education institutions, research organisations, industry, and relevant government entities.
  • To collegially share knowledge, ideas, and experience to promote excellence.
  • To facilitate discussion on national and international collaborative research and development opportunities and define and promote relevant research directions.

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