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Established in 2014 by siblings Andy and Annalise Knight, Brother Nature’s founding mission was simple: craft high-quality, resident-driven spaces that are beautiful, compassionate to the planet, and work better for its people.

The pair’s country upbringing instilled in them early a desire to reduce their ecological footprint and, literally, build a world they could be proud of. The result is Brother Nature’s symbiotic Design and Build functionalities, providing a streamlined end-to-end architecture, interior design and construction service that fulfils the long-term practical, emotional and ethical needs of our clients.

People drive our business forward – Brother Nature’s team and customers alike – so we’ve made it a priority to surround ourselves with likeminded, curious, future-focused individuals who embody our ambition to do better. Each project becomes a shared success; all the more rewarding because we’re in it together.  

And we’re working towards sustainable, though we’re the first to admit we’re not there yet. Brother Nature is in a state of constant recalibration, committed to revising our solutions to the needs of our people and environment, and searching relentlessly for better ways of working. All in service of one goal: delivering meticulously constructed, aesthetically striking spaces that honour and live in rhythm with our clients and the landscape.

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