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The building watchdog new home and property inspection service

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New homes & pre-purchase property inspections giving you peace of mind now & into the future

About us How we can help you. · We are a private inspection service working for you the home owner · The Building Watchdog has over 30 years building background with technical experience · We are registered builders in both domestic & commercial classifications. · We have extensive experience dealing with a variety of building structures. · Experienced counts when spotting errors that may escape those new to the building industry. · A thorough understanding of the building commission's Building Codes · we are Insured Don't just get any handyman to do you inspections. We have the expertise and our team are ready to assist and advise you on your purchase.: we all Melbourne metro, Gippsland & Mornington peninsula.

New House Inspections, Building Reports, Handover Final inspections Main concerns when building a new home: · Is my new home adequately constructed, does it meet National Building Code of Australia · Am I getting what I paid for? · Is what behind the walls of good quality solid construction. Or is it dodgy workmanship hidden behind the plaster. · What is considered acceptable when building. · Are there any inherent design faults in my house under construction that could be rectified now and not covered over and develop into big problems 3 years from now. · How do I (someone with no building experience) tell my builder I think he has built something incorrectly. Click here to Contact Us or CALL 0418322925 YES we are fully insured

A money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our reports How does the building stages work? The building process can be broken down into 6 main stages, Pre slab, Frame, Lock-up, Pre tile Waterprooing, Handover completion, Maintenance period Contract review prior to signing contract

We can help you understand the terminology that’s use in the contract insert terms that suit your needs also insert clauses that allow you to have you own independent inspections before making payments

The Building Stages for new built homes

  • Stage 1: Pre-concrete slab or Base stage Check correct depth, dimensions of excavations also reinforcement steel & mesh, after the slab preparation has been done but just prior to the concrete being poured. This provides assurance your slab thickness, beam sizes, reinforcing mesh etc. are all as per the slab designers specification. 1a: Sub-floor timber framing Inspect bearers & joists, for span that the correct timber has been used & there are supports to all load bearing points carried by brickwork or concrete stumps prior to placement of floor sheeting.
  • Stage 2: Frame Wall and roof frames, timber fascia boards are installed, structural bracing installed according building specifications & engineering plans, prior to any roof coverings, brickwork or wall cladding, in the case of a two story build we also check out 1st floor joist & beams to ensure that the frame work is compliant .
  • Stage 3: Lock-up External brickwork or wall cladding is comple

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