Discover our software solutions for the offsite construction industry. hsbcad is based on an intelligent 3D building model from AutoCAD Architecture or Autodesk Revit.

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hsbdesign - From design to detail. Make your designs production-ready with hsbdesign, the most powerful detailing software in the off-site construction industry.

hsbmake - From detail to production. Produce, assemble and deliver your projects in the right format, right time and right place with hsbmake, our production management system.

hsbshare - From design to construction. Virtually monitor your projects, enabling collaboration between all stakeholders involved with hsbshare, our BIM cloud-platform.

hsbcad provides flexible software solutions for the offsite construction industry. CAD/CAM/BIM products to the core, our services are tailored to support your production methods and technologies, from design to construction.

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