Peter Durisic Architects

Architecture, Interior Design, Building Project/Construction Management for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects in NSW and QLD Metropolitan Areas.

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100 Lucas Road,
Burwood NSW 2134
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  • Advice & consultancy
  • Architecture & design
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-33.8759425, 151.1107613

Low, Medium and Highrise Residential Developments, Retirement Villages and Affordable Housing Developments.
Commercial Offices and Interiors, Schools and Early Learning Centres
Industrial Developments, Factories, Warehouses and Distribution Centers

In addition to full Architectural Design Services, we provide; 

Pre-Design: Consultancy, Development Advise, Development Feasibility, Development Potential Reports, Land or Building Suitability Reports and Code Analyses Reports. Project Development and Management Consultancy and Advice Construction Management and Administration, Quality Control and Progress Inspection Reports

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