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IS0 9000
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46.2902297, 11.2354733

Rotho Blaas Srl is an Italian multinational company with origin in the Alpen region; a leading developer, producer and supplier of highly technological solutions within the Timber Construction Sector.

Rotho Blaas Srl provides cutting-edge products: fixing systems and woodworking machines, waterproofing and soundproofing system, fall protection systems. Its role is to develop and offer solutions to improve wood constructions, by means of research and development of technical products which aim to improve the quality of life and environmental sustainability.

All our products are in possession of CE marking or ETA certification (European Technical Approval). We perform quality controls on site, establishment of production and in our headquarter in order to guarantee our clients highly quality products. Thanks to the professionalism and specializations of external technical consultants, the offer includes personalised support and a wide range of products in order to find solutions which are perfectly suited to customer requirements

The technical department Rotho Blaas intends to provide a 360° technical consultancy service for designers and customers to train, assist and support users by supplying static figures, reference regulations and certifications as well as assisting during project phases.

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