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The design advantages of working with wood are as extensive as they are varied. From the Australian Timber Design Awards that showcase aesthetically wowing timber based designs, to nine-storey timber construction that utilises the latest wood engineering innovation, it is clear that while timber may be described as many things, boring certainly isn't one of them.

In Design Advantages, WoodSolutions takes a look at the contemporary uses and applications of wood, showing exactly why wood is the building material of today and tomorrow.

Actions (loads)

Actions (loads) to take in various climatic conditions and scenarios.

Appearance grading

Appearance grading helps to classify timber for a range of interior-use applications.

Capacity factor

Information on the capacity factor, which helps to determine the structural capabilities of timber members.

Combined actions

Information on the combined actions to which a timber member may be subjected.

Compression members

Information on timber compression members, how they carry forces and common applications.

Design process

Timber design information on the performance of timber under a variety of different uses or load scenarios.

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