Thermal Performance Technical Design Guides

WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides have been developed to provide building professionals with information to maximise the aesthetic and technical performance of timber and help design and build structures specifications and structures that conform to Australian Standards.

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  Thermal Performance in Timber-framed Buildings

To be used in conjunction with Guides 23 and 24

TDG 22 Cover

Used correctly within housing, thermal mass can moderate daily temperature fluctuations, leading to more comfortable interiors, and reduce the energy used for artificial heating or cooling. If thermal mass is used incorrectly, the opposite occurs.

This Guide gives a simple step-by-step overview of housing design for greater thermal comfort.

Using Thermal Mass in Timber-framed Buildings

TDG 23 Cover

The purpose of this design guide is to help designers understand how to use thermal mass in a building, how to achieve an optimum amount of thermal mass and, as a result, how to reduce the operational energy and embodied energy costs of the buildings.

Thermal Performance for Timber-framed Residential Construction


The Guide includes:

• general and climate specific considerations

• useful references for further reading

• modelled house case studies

• principles for thermal comfort

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