Timber Finishes

Timber finishing is the process of protecting or refining the surface of a wooden material.  Different uses of timber require different finishing and a natural division of the information is internal versus external finishes of timber.

Finishes for External Timber

Special considerations are required when wood is exposed to the elements in applications such as decks or as part of a building envelope.  Timber needs to be well detailed, carefully selected and finished appropriately to work successfully outside. Design guide #13, Finishing Timber Externally provides an overview of designing and detailing timber elements for maximum life.  The guide can be downloaded for free below.  Design guide 5, Timber service life design for durability is a complementary publication that provides information on the use of bare and treated timber in many external applications.  More information on exterior timber finishes

Interior Timber Finishes

Wood and timber products used in the interior of a building are usually selected for their visual characteristics and so it is critical that these characteristics are maintained throughout the design life of the element.  This requires correct specification of timber grade, resistance to indentation and abrasion, and durability and resistance to bio-deterioration. To find out more download design guide 14, Timber in Internal Design (see below).   More information on interior timber finishes

This section contains the following free resources:
Design Guide #13 Finishing Timber Externally
Guide 13 concentrates on the finishes used with timber when exposed externally in decks or as part of the building envelope, such as cladding.  It discusses the material, finishing and fastening factors important to the in-service performance and longevity of timber elements outside.
Design Guide #14 Timber in Internal Design

Guide 14 provides a resource for architectural and interior design professionals of design inspiration, assembly information and technical detail on the major aspects of using timber in interiors.

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