Timber Innovation, Manufacture, Design and Construction: Residential to Mid-rise. Mel Oct 2019

These presentations were delivered at the WoodSolution seminar: Timber Innovation, Manufacture, Design and Construction: Residential to Mid-rise in Melbourne on October 31 2019.

We apologise for missing presentations as not all presenters were able to share their work.

Morning Sessions: 21st Century Timber Innovation and Manufacture

Session 1: Innovation

- The Creative and Innovative Use of Timber - Diego Bekinschtein, John Wardle Architects

- Robust Multi-Storey Engineered Timber Designs - Jane Armstrong, TTW

- Technological Innovation – Revolutionising Design and Build - Paul Kremer, Deakin University, University of Melbourne

Session 2: Manufacture and Supply      

- Timber Manufacture & Supply in Australia – the Current State of Play – Tim Rossiter, MiTek

- Innovation and Change in Timber System Design, Manufacture and Supply – George Konstandakos, Lendlease DesignMake (not available)

- Passive House + Prefabricated Architecture  – Kate Nason, ARKit

Afternoon Sessions: Mid-rise Timber Design & Construction Case Studies

Session 3:  Mid-rise - Multi-Residential Case Studies – Laurence Ritchie, MAP       

- Oxford Apartments – Maurice Leone, DKO

- Olea Apartments – Lachlan Kennedy, Figurehead Constructions

- Launch of Technical Design Guide #51 – Trent Kennedy, RLB and Laurence Ritchie, MAP

Session 4: Mid-rise – Office Building Case Studies  – Adam Jones, MAP

- Fire Safety of Exposed Post & Beam Timber Structures – Ben Ferguson, NDY

- Ballarat Gov Hub – Jack Alam - Kane Constructions

- Delivery of World Class Timber Offices – George Konstandakos, Lendlease (not available)

Session 5: Mid-rise - University Student Accommodation Case Studies  – Paolo Lavisci, MAP               

- Gillies Hall, Monash University – Danielle Savio, Multiplex

- Kambri, ANU – Andrew Smith, Lendlease (not available)

- Latrobe University – Jarvis Mellor, Duo Projects

In this presentation, Diego Bekinschtein of John Wardle Architects, shows a diverse range of residential, civic and educational projects - each featuring the extensive use of timber.

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Jane Armstrong, Associate Taylor Thomson Whitting, discusses the process of using mass timber and demonstrates it with a case study - Latrobe University student housing.

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Adj. Assoc. Prof. Paul Kremer, Deakin University Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, looks at the potentially disruptive roles of technology on the design and construction process - from prefabrication to drones, BIM and Blockchain.

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In Timber Manufacture & Supply in Australia – the Current State of Play, Tim Rossiter, General Manager Building Solutions Asia Pacific MiTek, looks at the evolution of the timber manufacturing and supply chain, illustrated by a case study: Canberra's National Portrait Gallery.

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ARKit's Kate Nason explains how they integrate the design, prefab manufacturing and construction processes, illustrated by a wide range of case studies.

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 Lachlan Kennedy shows Figurehead's extensive experience in lightweight timber construction, the benefits it delivers and illustrates with a cese study of Olea Apartments.

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Using a range of projects and showing both large scale drawings and details, Maurice Leone explains the design and construction philosphy behione Oxford Apartments.

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Trent Kennedy, RLB and Laurence Ritchie, MAP, authors of WoodSolutions Technical Guide 51, Cost Engineering of Mid-rise Timber Buildings, introduce the guide and explain its structure and contents.

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Ben Ferguson, Norman Disney Young, takes us through the decision making process for ensuring the fire safety of exposed timber post and beam structures.

Jack Allam from Kane Constructions delivers a case study containing the lessons learnt to date on the Ballarat Gov Hub, due for completion in 2020

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Danielle Savio from Multiplex Constructions explains the rationale behind using CLT for Monash University Peninsula's 150 bed Gillies Hall student accommodation.

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Jarvis Mellor from Duo Projects, a Project and Development Management consultancy, discusses the learnings from the Latrobe University student accommodation project.

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