Timber Systems Detailing - Adelaide December 3 2019

Timber framing, and more recently, mass timber systems, are widely used forms of construction in Australia. Although for some professionals it may be unfamiliar and require a different approach.

The speed of construction on a well organised site is one of the key advantages of using timber products, however, detailed pre-planning is a fundamental requirement to maintain the advantage that this fast-moving construction methodology provides.

This WoodSolutions seminar focused on key design elements for the architect, builders, site supervisors and engineers, and looked at some of the systems that can be used to achieve compliance with the Building Codes and determined from the initial design specification.

Experts presented on subjects including:

  • Timber Treatments and the options available - Timber Preservers Association of Australia

  • Firestopping to Timber Party/Separating Walls & Compartment Floors including fire collars, service risers and more – TBA Firefly

  • Plasterboard products used for linings and achieving FRL compliance in timber structures – USG Boral

  • Cost Engineering of Timber Buildings – WoodSolutions Midrise Advisory Program


In this presentation Barry introduces the variety of systems that work within timber structures, and provides an overview of the WoodSolutions website.

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Steven provides an in depth look at some of the fire rated protection systems that work with timber frame and massive timber construction and the extensive requirements for testing of their products in these systems.

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Jack, from Timber Preservers Association of Australia, discusses the preservation treatments available and their applications. He also talks in detail about  species' natural durability and how these are classified within the standards.

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Laurence, a WoodSolutions Mid-rise advisor and quantity surveyor, gives an overview on the latest Technical Design Guide as well as the key points to consider when considering the whole cost of a mid-rise structure.

Trent, from RLB, provides a case study of a proposed building to be constructed in 2020, and compares the cost of using reinforced concrete versus timber construction and shares the outcomes.

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