WoodSolutions Seminar | 2023 Australian Timber Design Awards winners presented by their creators

The 2023 Australian Timber Design AwardsExternal link featured a diverse range of outstanding timber structures.

This special ‘case study’ focused WoodSolutions seminar will present a number of the amazingly beautiful award-winning local and interstate, multi-residential, commercial, educational, and government hub projects, including the overall ATDA Excellence in Timber Design 2023 Winner – the stunning Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal.

Each case study will be presented by the principal project architect, designer, engineer, builder, or supplier who will discuss not only the finer details of these exemplar projects but also the timber design processes and philosophies of these leading design and building professional practices.

Welcome and Introduction

-  Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

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Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal, NSW - ATDA 2023 Overall Winner, Excel. in Timber Design – Interior Fitout

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The stunning Sydney Opera House Concert Hall renewal won both the Excellence in Interior Fitout Public
Building and the overall 2023 Timber Design Award. Director of ARM Architecture, Andrew Hayne, will
discuss the amazing acoustic and architectural transformation of this heritage listed space, accomplished
through a marriage of digital design and offsite manufacturing, and magnificent sculptured wood surfaces.


Boola Katitjin Murdoch University, WA – Excel. in Timber Design – 2023 People’s Choice & Engineered Wood Product Awards

Boola Katitjin at Murdoch University, the 2023 People's Choice Award winner, exemplifies a harmonious
integration of cultural reverence, sustainability, and innovative timber use. Nikeesh Prasad, Structural
Engineer, Aurecon, will delve into the intricacies of this remarkable project. It creatively employs hardwoods
and softwoods in both structural and architectural aspects, crafting a distinctive learning environment.

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Eternity Life Apartments, Vic – Excel. in Timber Design – Multi-Residential

Eternity Life Apartments is paradigm of sustainable urban living - a socially inclusive building that is 71%
carbon neutral. k20 Architecture Director Theodore Kerlidis will discuss this spectacular natural and
environmental sanctuary. Made from Simple Laminated Timber (SLT) and clad in sustainably sourced
hardwood timber, it resides respectfully within its natural surrounds connecting building & environment.

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Elsternwick House, Vic - Excel. in Timber Design – Interior Fitout - Residential

Elsternwick house seamlessly marries Edwardian charm with a harmonious timber rich modern extension.
Architect and Designer, Melanie Beynon, will discuss both this winner of this Excellence in Timber Design –
Interior Fitout - Residential award which features a warm and robust material palette of natural stone and
timber veneer joinery; and her philosophy of designing holistic and integrative spaces for wellness.

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Bendigo GovHub, Vic – Excel. in the Use of Timber Products – Australian Sustainable Certified Timber

Michael Miles, Senior Design Manager, ICON will present on the design and construction of the benchmark
Bendigo GovHub project which features an innovative exposed timber structural frame, chosen for its
environmental, construction and healthy workplace benefits. The mass structural timber systems used,
assisted in addressing a unique set of challenges due to the complex geometries of the building design.

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Barker College Maths and Student Hub, NSW – Excel. in Timber Design – Commercial Buildings

The Barker College Maths and Student Hub provides a harmonious blend of design innovation and
ecological consciousness, aligning functionality with sustainability and aesthetic brilliance. Kieran Hayes,
Senior Technical Engineer, XLam, will present the key themes of the architectural and engineering design
approach, as well as discussing the important supply and DFMA processes for a cost-efficient delivery.

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