Recent Advancements in Construction Technologies

19 May 2020

New tools for design are potentially allowing us to enter an unprecedented period in construction. Parametric design tools allow for new architectural forms, robotics and 3D printing allows for new assembly, and prefabrication enables on-site productivity. Today we are speaking with Richard Maddock, an architect and computer systems engineer with Fosters and Partners. In this episode we speak about:

  • The Nasa 3D Printed Habitat challenge, for building on Mars, and what learnings can be taken for design

  • How new technologies such as robotics and machine learning will impact construction

  • How the day to day work for building professionals might shift

Building professionals globally are turning to timber as it provides a healthier, environmentally friendly, sustainable, efficiently off-site prefabricated solution that dramatically reduces construction times and accordingly the overall cost of the project.

The WoodSolutions Technical Design Guide they discussed can be found here:


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