Assisted Living and Portal Frame Cost Plan

Assisted Living and Portal Frame timber structures are often forgotten solutions in the construction sector. This presentation is based on two Wood Solutions Guides No 28: Rethinking Assisted Living Construction and No 29 Rethinking Industrial Shed Construction that were revised in early 2020, with updated costings.

Industrial sheds are an opportunity for timber when the fundamentals of what drives cost in mass timber construction are understood. The presentation focuses on comparing different forms of timber construction against a standard steel frame. One solution is substantially cheaper, and the reasons for this are explained.

The other building system, low-rise assisted living Class 9c buildings are a unique building within the NCC. This building form has specific fire resistance construction requirements that set it apart from other building types. Some of these specific fire–resistance requirement are explained. Comparisons between lightweight steel and timber-framed building are made, resulting in again a unique opportunity for timber solutions to shine through

The webinar ends with a short presentation on the reasons behind the current wood shortage and strategies to minimise this effect.


Thursday Timber Webinars

On selected Thursdays at 11am AEST, Thursday Timber webinar series will continue to present themed presentations on topics relating to the use of timber in the built environment.

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