Commercial Timber Portal Frames: Rob Nestic

The Thursday webinar discussing timber portal frames comprised two sections, domestic and corporate. In the interests of making it easier to find the appropriate topic, we have also published the webinar as two videos.

Timber portal frames have applications from small size structures to large span single-storey buildings. Often overlooked solution for low-rise buildings, timber portal fames offer many benefits, such as ease of installation, readily available materials and cost advantages. 

Presenter: Rob Nestic - Director at TGA Engineers

Rob has over 27 years of experience in timber structural design and fabrication. After graduating from Monash University, Rob pursued his love of timber both conducting research and publishing literature on engineered wood products, and regularly presenting at seminars and conferences.  His love of timber has continued as he spent time designing, fabricating and installing unique timber projects, including prefabricated, panelised houses, large post and beam structures,  curved timber dome, and residential timber-concrete-composite flooring systems.

Thursday Timber Webinars

On selected Thursdays at 11am AEST, Thursday Timber webinar series will continue to present themed presentations on topics relating to the use of timber in the built environment.

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